Thanks for visiting my site, hopefully you’ll find your stay worthwhile. I currently wear three hats – front-end developer, technical lead, and senior research fellow – all on project VALCRI, coordinated by Middlesex University. I have a strong interesting in data visualisation, and you can read about some of the projects I have recently been working on below.

Makeover of Statistical Process Control Charts

This project involved a redesign of statistic project control charts such that analysts at West Midlands Police were able to more easily identify spatial patterns in the signal detection. Developed in JavaScript and the d3 data visualisation library, these graphics show signals, process history, and signal history for each of the 174 policing neighbourhoods. Click here to find out more.

Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis

Faceted Views of Varying Emphasis (or FaVVEs for short) are graphical composites that show spatial, temporal and categorical data concurrently. Through careful design and use of transparency, there is minimal interference between views. This prototype was developed in Java using the graphics library. Click here to find out more.

Analyst’s User Interface

The analyst’s user interface (AUI) is a multi-window visualisation system for exploring data and making connections and hypothesis. It was developed as part of an EU FP7 project called VALCRI, and was developed for police forces in the UK and Belgium. The multi-window framework and data-pipeline were developed using the Meteor.js and React.js frameworks, and the individual visualisations were mostly developed using the d3 JavaScript visualisation library. Click here to find out more.