Using the MDX Powerwall to engage with students during the National Student Survey

The display wall was moved from the lab to the main reception/meeting area of the University for two weeks as part of a drive to get students to complete the National Student Survey. I developed three applications to run on the wall during this time: (i) an image and video slideshow (developed in JavaScript and running in a browser), (ii) an interactive Twitter visualisation that shows live tweets and lets students interact via a Microsoft Kinect (developed in Unity3D, with feeds sent from a .NET Kinect application and Java Twtter steam via an ActiveMQ broker) , and (iii) a scrolling banner that runs across the top (also developed in Unity3D).

MDX Powerwall during NSS

Saif Hossenbaccus, a final year student who I’m supervising for his dissertation, is investigating high resolution gaming and developed the Generic Space Shooter game. Saif used these two weeks to get feedback on an early prototype.