I am a front-end developer, tech lead, and senior research fellow at Middlesex University, primarily working on the FP7 VALCRI project, which aims to help police intelligence analysts make better sense of their data through interactive data visualisations. As well as researching novel means of visualising data, I also coordinate and contribute to the user interface design and development.

In recent years I have most been working with the following technologies:

  • JavaScript – D3.js, Meteor.js, React.js
  • Deployment and CI – Git, Gitlab, Docker
  • Java – GWT, Errai,
  • C# – Unity3D
  • Current IDE of choice – Atom

Previous to VALCRI, I was a researcher on the FP7 CRISIS Project, where the aim was to build an interactive 3D training simulation for emergency service personnel, focussing on crisis scenarios such as airplane and train crashes. My role within the project included system design and implementation, as well as researching novel methods for interacting in 3D worlds.

I completed both my BSc and PhD at the University of Leeds. The title of my PhD thesis is Interaction with high-resolution, wall-size displays. My research addressed the interaction issues that occur when moving from desktop displays to Powerwall displays, and the central theme throughout my thesis was to reduce the level of precision required to interact with multi-window applications on such displays.

My core research interest focuses on the way people interact with rich graphical environments, especially when investing data. This has allowed many interesting threads of research to develop, some of which include:

  • Interactive data visualisation
  • Visual information search and retrieval systems for sense making
  • High-resolution data-visualisation on Powerwall displays
  • Navigation, communication and interaction in immersive 3D environments

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