Analyst’s User Interface

Since 2014, I have been working on the FP7 VALCRI project, where I have been developing the system’s front-end, which we call the Analyst’s User Interface (AUI). The interface provides analysts with a multi-window visualisation environment where they can query large datasets, as well as reason with evidence and form hypothesis. By keeping the data server-side, and only bringing through data items or aggregations on demand, I have been able to develop an interface that responds quickly to visual queries performed by the analyst.

The first prototype was developed using the Google Web Toolkit (Java compiled to JS), and the individual visualisations were mostly developed using the D3.js JavaScript visualisation library. As time progressed, we were writing more and more native JS, and spending all our time converting between Java and JS through the JavaScript Native Interface. After deploying and testing the prototype at three police forces (one in the UK and two in Belgium), we decided that to make the commercialisation of VALCRI feasible, we needed to change technologies, so I made the decision to switch to Meteor.js and React.js (maintaining D3.js as our main visualisation library).

We are currently working with a forth law enforcement agency (this one is in the US), and plan to deploy the first version of VALCRI and the AUI in the coming months. Unfortunately, as the project is ongoing, I don’t have much material to share, other this snazzy promotional video: