High-Resolution Gaming

To test whether I could get Unity3D applications working smoothly on the MDX Powerwall, I used a car racing demo (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/10, created by Morten Sommer). I modified the demo such that the user input was synchronised across three instances of the application (one running on each graphics card). The end result is a racing game running at a resolution 15360×4220 pixels (~66 million) and well over 60 frames per second. You can see some jitter on the right had side of the car where the synchronisation isn’t quite working properly.

Now that we know Unity3D applications work, we can use it as a platform for building bespoke, high-resolution, interactive, 3D environments. For example, to visualise geographic or astronomy data.

P.s. The silhouette of my very static head is there for you to get a sense of scale.